About eTc Auditions

Auditioning for a Mainstage Show with eTc

Additional Guidelines

General Audition Tips

Everyone who would like to participate in an e.T.c. production must audition. To get ready for an e.T.c. audition, each participant must prepare:  

  • One monologue, which is a scene or series of lines of your choosing where only one character speaks. (30 sec- 1min)
  • One song from the audition song list. Accompaniment music is provided online and we will provide an accompanist during your audition. If you have already prepared your own audition song, please confirm your selection with the artistic staff at the workshop.  
  • One dance, which is a dance prepared by the e.T.c. choreographer. 

These items are each described in more detail below.



  • Choose a song from the audition song list that is appropriate for your age and vocal range. If you have already prepared your own audition song, please confirm your selection with the artistic staff at the workshop.  
  • Bring sheet music (double-sided, hole-punched and in a binder) for the accompanist.
  • Singing a cappella or with a CD/iPod is NOT permitted.
  • Additional tips for preparing for your musical audition can be found here.


  • The audition dance is taught live during the Audition Workshop. 
  • If you are unable to attend the Audition Workshop, a video of the dance will be available via youtube. Refer to the Registration Information page for the show you are auditioning for for a link to the video. 

Audition Workshop

To help you prepare for your audition, e.T.c. offers an Audition Workshop. The workshop is for actors of all experience levels and is designed to prepare participants technically and mentally for their audition. Participants participate in mock auditions and receive valuable feedback, tips and preparation ideas from e.T.c. staff. The day also includes participants performing for one another, a group discussion where participants may share experiences and discover new ways of preparing so that they can walk into the audition room with confidence. To learn about upcoming workshops, join our mailing list. You can also visit the Registration page for a mainstage show.

What to Expect on Audition Day

  • Performers audition in groups of 10.
  • Arrive a few minutes before your audition time.
  • Turn in your completed audition packet and payment for any outstanding registration fees at the check-in table.  Payment must be received in full before auditioning. 
  • You will be called in to perform your monologue and vocal auditions individually. Be confident! Remember, we are an educational theater company - the auditors are on your side and want you to have fun and enjoy the experience!
  • After everyone in the group has completed their monologue and vocal auditions, the group performs the dance together. 

What to Bring on Audition Day

  • Audition packet
  • Payment for any outstanding registration fees. Payment must be received in full before auditioning. 
  • Water
  • Wear comfortable clothes and dance shoes
  • Bring your confidence and a big smile!