Audition Song List

Staff will review the songs during the Audition Workshop and they would like performers to learn the songs prior to the workshop.

What to do for the music portion of workshop:

(1) Listen to the songs until you’re familiar with them. You don’t have to memorize the words or the melody, but the workshop shouldn’t be the first time you’ve looked at it either.

(2) Print out each song before you get to the workshop. We will not have extra copies. If you don’t want to share with someone else, print beforehand.

(3) Bring the music in a binder and a pencil to write with. We will be marking up the sheets together.

(4) After the workshop, you’ll receive practice recordings for each audition cut.

Song List for Newsies

Feed the Birds - sheet music  |  piano accompaniment

Friend Like Me - sheet music  |  piano accompaniment

I Know It's Today - sheet music  |  piano accompaniment

My New Philosophy - sheet music  |  piano accompaniment

Proud of Your Boy - sheet music  |  piano accompaniment