Pre-Show Committees

In-Theater Committees


Pre-Show Committee Descriptions

Bios Committee

Bios are biographies of the actors that are displayed in the lobby of the theater along with a photo for the audience to view. The Bios Committee is responsible for:
  • Assisting at headshot photo day.
  • Collecting all actor submissions of bio text.
  • Collecting all photos.
  • Editing and proofreading submitted bios using a standardized format.
  • Creating an artistic layout of background, logos and content.
  • Assembling and printing bio sheets.
  • Designing and assembling bio boards for the theater lobby.
  • Distributing bio sheets to cast at end of strike.

Company Party Committee

The company party usually takes place on the Saturday evening before the last show. The committee is responsible for planning the company party within the allocated budget. This includes:
  • Finding and securing a location for the party.
  • Planning menu needs using resources.
  • Acquiring decorations and table goods (plates, napkins, etc.).
  • Setting up for the party (1 hr prior to party).
  • Food service.
  • Cleaning up (last hour of party).

Costume Committee

Volunteers will work with the Costume Designer to:
  • Create costumes using sewing and non-sewing techniques on Saturdays and Sundays during rehearsals at the eTc warehouse.
  • Work on take home projects (due the following weekend or as requested).
  • Confirm that all performers have their costumes ready by show time.
  • Monitor shared costumes.

Playbill Committee

Under the direction of the playbill designer, volunteers will complete the following tasks by the designated deadlines:
  • Soliciting ads (including acquiring artwork and payment).
  • Formatting art submissions to hi-res jpg.
  • Acquiring content from various sources as directed.
  • Proofreading.

Prop Committee

The prop committee will:
  • Receive and review prop list from the artistic team.
  • Find or make the props needed.
  • Distribute a list of needed items to cast members.
  • Provide mock or rehearsal props as soon as possible (ask director if/when needed).
  • Check with other drama programs for borrowing props.

Publicity and Promotions Committee

The Publicity and Promotions Committee is responsible for:
  • Organizing and distributing show information to the performers, news media, social media, and organizations in the area.
  • Setting up publicity photos and teasers.
  • Cast hand-out cards

Specific tasks include:

  • Mailing press releases and calendar listings to newspapers, radio stations, etc.
  • Ensuring that posters/flyers are distributed throughout the community.
  • Soliciting reviewers to attend the show and feature stories in local papers.
  • Posting show details to social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Raffle Committee

The Raffle Committee is responsible for:
  • Sending the prize solicitation letter to the donor list (provided).
  • Collecting (if needed) and keeping track of the donations (for playbill committee).
  • Sending form “Thank you” letter to donors.
  • Distributing raffle information/tickets to the performers for selling (tickets are provided and assembled into booklets during Nitty Gritty Day).
  • Creating a raffle sign board for the lobby.
  • Combining and packaging raffle prizes for winners (to be handed out during the last performance or mailed).

Set Construction and Painting Committee

This committee works on Saturdays and Sundays during rehearsals throughout the program at the eTc warehouse, under the direction of the Artistic & Technical Directors.
  • Construction of the set.
  • Painting of the set.
  • Assembling and finishing the set on stage prior to opening.
  • Responsible for organizing strike.
  • Please solicit donations of materials (lumber, paint supplies…) whenever possible!

Ticket Committee

This committee will set up ticketing with online source and process pre-sales
  • Set up online ticketing
  • Process vouchers
  • Process passes
  • Monitor pre-sales


In-Theater Committee Descriptions

Backstage Chaperone Committee

Chaperones help supervise performers during tech week and shows. Volunteers must be available during tech week and a minimum of 5 shows. Chaperone responsibilities include:
  • Coordinating entrances and exits.
  • Assisting in costume dressing and changes.
  • Keeping backstage area clean during and after each performance or rehearsal.

Backstage Props Committee

Backstage Props committee members maintain the Prop Table during tech week and all shows. Their responsibilities include:
  • Setting up props on table for actors to access.
  • Using checklist to verify all props are where they need to be.
  • Presetting props backstage as required.
  • Collecting props after use.
  • Covering table & props and moving to shop after each show.

House Duties and Usher Committee

The House Duties and Usher Committee is responsible for the front of the house during and after performances. This involves helping to set up the lobby and sell concessions and flowers before each performance. The committee members are also responsible for ushering, covering the doors and the CLEAN UP of lobby and house for each performance. Specific jobs include:
  • Front of house concessions
  • Front of house flower sales
  • Front of house raffle
  • Front of house usher

Stage & Technical Crew Committee

The Stage Crew tasks consist of set changes, spot operation, sound operation, light operation and special effects during the performances under the direction of the Technical Director. Committee members must commit to working a minimum of 4 shows and must be available during tech week to learn cues. Specific jobs include:
  • Stage crew ASM(by invitation only)
  • Stage crew Deck Crew
  • Stage crew Rail (by invitation only)
  • Tech crew Light Board
  • Tech crew Mics
  • Tech crew Sound Board (by invitation only)
  • Tech crew Spotlight

Ticket Committee

The Ticket Committee is responsible for selling tickets and distributing “will call” tickets at the shows. Committee members must be available 1 hour prior to curtain time. Specific duties include:
  • Sell tickets to patrons
  • Process vouchers/passes to assign seating
  • Count and record money