Newsies (Fall Mainstage 2019)

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Audition Workshop: Summer 2019

Auditions: August 2019

Callbacks: August 2019

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This is your chance to participate in our upcoming production of “Newsies”! During this memorable experience, participants will gain confidence, work cooperatively with others, and be responsible for meeting deadlines and expectations. Adults can join us on stage as well, or participate in the production in a variety of ways. This will be both fun and challenging while participants learn about the essentials of acting, music, dance, and stagecraft as well as theater history. We look forward to nurturing your imagination and creativity in a way the entire family will never forget!

Fall Venue: Our production of Newsies will be held at Carlmont Performing Arts Center in November, 2019. 

Audition Workshop

"There's a lot of people out there, and they ain't just gonna go away. They got voices now and they're goin' to be listened to. Putting them in jail is not going to stop them. That's the power of the press, Joe. So thanks for teaching me about it."

Auditions for Newsies will be held in August 2019! Prior to the auditions, we invite you to join us at our free Audition Workshop earlier in the summer (date TBD) to make sure you have the song and monologue choice that’s just right for you! Learn more about each character…so you know which role you want to audition for. Learn the audition dance so you can show us your amazing moves!  Come and work hands-on with the creative team on preparing for Newsies auditions.

Audition Format: Your performer will perform a song from a list provided by the staff. Performers should review the songs prior to the Audition Workshop. Please see About eTc Auditions and Audition Songs for more information. Note: If you have already prepared your own audition song, please confirm your selection with the artistic staff at the Audition Workshop.  

Date: TBD


Adults and children ages 6 and up

What to Expect as an Actor

  • All participants will be cast in an ensemble role regardless of whether or not a speaking role is offered to them.
  • All participants will perform in at least three ensemble numbers in the show.
  • The audition process is a combined effort by the artistic staff and a board appointed representative. All will be involved during auditions and will participate in providing audition feedback to students. The audition team will make final casting decisions.
  • Speaking and specialty roles will be double cast wherever possible, allowing more participants an opportunity to experience solo performing.
  • As an ensemble-based theater group, ALL participants will perform in ALL performances in the appropriate/assigned ensemble numbers whether or not they have a speaking or specialty role.

Rehearsal and Performance Details

  • Rehearsals are held at Kirkpatrick's School of Dance in San Mateo. 
  • Rehearsals are held on Saturdays and Sundays for all cast and possibly some Tuesdays for lead characters and specialty dance. 
  • The Fall 2019 performance of Newsies will be held at Carlmont Performing Arts Center in San Carlos, CA.

Family Involvement & Mainstage Policies

Creating theater is about people working together. While we are fortunate enough to have a professional production staff, parent volunteers are an integral part of putting on an eTc Mainstage production. Both actors and their families have roles in the production. A typical eTc Mainstage production includes a total of over 2000 hours of volunteer time. This is divided among the families of all cast members. It is important to review and understand eTc's Family Involvement & Mainstage Policies which cover the following topics:

  • Participant Behavior Guidelines
  • Parent Responsibilities
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting
  • Mandatory Volunteer Requirement
  • Mandatory Work Days
  • Attendance and Conflicts Policy
  • Costume Policy
  • Drop/Refund Policy

If you are new to eTc or theater in general, many of your questions may be answered on the Family Involvement & Mainstage Policies page.

Important Dates 

Rehearsals for all cast are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in San Mateo. Specialty dancers and lead characters will possibly rehearse on some Tuesday evenings. Rehearsals are held in San Mateo. 

Tech Week rehearsals are 5:30-9:30 pm at Carlmont Performing Arts Center in San Mateo.

eTc must be informed of all conflicts for the entire season by the participant's audition date. Participants are allowed three conflicts, but those conflicts may not fall on Mandatory rehearsal days, during Tech Week, or during any performance. Please review the eTc Attendance and Conflicts Policy.

Key Dates: More Details Coming Soon

Workshop: Summer 2019

Auditions: August 2019

Performances: November 2019 at Carlmont Performing Arts Center

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Registration Opens May 1, 2019