Virtual 2020 Workshops

eTc is going virtual!  Join us for Online Theatrical Workshops

A once-a-week gathering of Peninsula theater lovers interested in learning
more about performance techniques and backstage elements




  • San Mateo County Residents.
  • Ages 6 to adult.
  • Workshops are online weekend mornings for about two hours starting in October thru December, with an optional BONUS Workshop available.
  • $295 per participant to cover the cost of attending the seven workshops led by professionals in their fields and any specialty materials provided by eTc.
  • Optional Bonus Workshop offered at an additional $30 or as a stand-alone event.


NOTE: Workshop order, titles and descriptions subject to change slightly based on instructor availability and expertise.

First workshop slated for the weekend of October 24-25.

Costume Design What goes into an on-stage outfit? Use culture, style, time period, & color palette to fully develop your character!

Captivating Make-Up

You’ve learned basic stage make-up, now take it up a notch: Animals, Monsters, or how about just age 50 years!

Improv Party Think on your feet to create instant characters for theater, parties or special events!
Movement in Character

Use the body to create dimension and personality to bring your character to the next level!

Theatrical Magic In-depth look behind the scenes of tricks for special effects that you’ve seen in the theater and movies!
Monologue Work Dive deep into meaning and character to bring dimension to your audition!
Surprise Subject We are working on one more exciting workshop - details to follow!


Chat with a Broadway actor to ask those questions you are dying to know the answer to!

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